What’s the Viddsee platform's revenue-sharing model?

Going back to our inspiration behind creating such a platform, we work differently from traditional distributors where the model is based on revenue-sharing, or the likes of VOD platforms where there is a cut of monetisation involved from advertisers etc. There are no advertisements in our video player, as at the heart of it, we would like to respect the story as it is.

For short films showcased on the platform, we help promote and market the films (be it positioning of content, crafting of articles, extending reach on our social channels) to share to wider audiences. Hence, with the marketing resources from our team, we're able to help surface the stories and engineer exposure for the film-loving crowd!

In terms of the model we adopt, we've been committed to building & growing the value for creators all these while. We didn't have the means to provide direct monetary benefits at the beginning, and we've started pursuing commercial distribution & creation opportunities mid-2018 onwards. This is done through our studios, branded & partnership arm in building up a trusted partner network, through which we can put a value to monetary returns for filmmakers.

At the same time, joining our Viddsee creator filmmaking network, will enable us to identify more opportunities (e.g film screenings, profiling, commercial project opportunities) along the way and share it back accordingly.

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