[Other Languages] How can I use the Youtube Subtitling and Translation Tool?

  • Head over to our Youtube channel here >> https://www.youtube.com/viddsee

  • Click on “Videos” or search for the title of the Viddsee film you will like to contribute to.


  • Select your film. Click on the button at the bottom right hand corner of the player “More” and select “Add Translations”.

  • You will be prompted to sign in to your Google account. Log in with your Gmail to continue.

  • You will see the following page. Click on “Switch Language” and select the language that you are translating to.

  • Click on “Set Language” and begin your translations!

  • Simply input your subtitles using the field on the left. This can be done in real time by playing the video on the right.

  • When you have completed the translation and subtitles for the field, click on “Actions” above the input field and select “Download”.

  • You will download a copy of your completed subtitles in .sbv format. Save your file with the following name: [LANGUAGE SUBS] <film name> by <your name> so for example, [JAPANESE SUBS] “Human Form” by Jane

  • Send the .sbv file to us at shiqi@viddsee.com. Let us know how you will like to be credited!  

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