How can I use the Youtube Translation and Subtitles Tool?

  • Click on the link for the film you are interested to translate for. Check that they have not already been translated by another subber.

  • You will be directed to this page, where you will carry out the translation and input of subtitles into the film:


  • Simply input your subtitles using the field on the left. This can be done in real time by playing the video on the right.



  • When you have completed the translation and subtitles for the film, click on “Actions” above the input field and select “Download”.

    完成微電影的翻譯後,點擊 “動作”,選擇 “下載”。

  • You will download a copy of your completed subtitles in .sbv format. Save your file with the following name: [LANGUAGE SUBS] <film name> by <your name> so for example, [JAPANESE SUBS] “Human Form” by Jane

    將您的字幕下載為.sbv格式。使用這格式的文件名: [CHI SUBS] “片名“ by 您的姓名
  • And congratulations, you’ve completed the translation and subtitling job!

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