For the Viddsee YouTube channel, do all films go up on it? What is the strategy there?

Yes, there is a selection process around the films uploaded with consideration of YouTube's platform audience demographics, and the accessibility of the story for such an audience base. If we know the filmmakers & their respective channel ID beforehand, we do whitelist their channel and it shouldn't affect them. For such cases, the creators who have given us 3rd party rights, are eligible for their films to be marketed on YouTube. This selection is done internally based upon their sole discretion in terms of programming. There is also work around pitching each of the content to publisher networks, hence the efforts and reason behind uploading to Viddsee YouTube channel.

To supplement with a real case example of a YouTube content creator who joined our community of filmmakers on the platform. Having run their own channel with a sizeable following, they have since been co-promoting their films across platforms with us. They mentioned that they have received lots of positive feedback on their own YouTube channel, with their latest micro movie having the highest likes to views ratio & positive comments. Due to this, they thought that lots of Singaporeans, even those who don't know them, may find this interesting too. Hence they're actively trying all sorts of ways to push their views on YouTube up (to increase sharing) so that more Singaporeans may actually take notice of it.

And in the same vein, we come in to amplify & help grow their audience/subscriber base further with tools we have, aligning efforts around pouring it all back to marketing/ sharing their works out.

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