Why should I submit my short film to Viddsee?

Viddsee is showcasing selected films to a growing network of digital platforms that currently reaches millions of viewers worldwide. These digital platforms are Viddsee branded channels that include Viddsee-Yahoo! Channel, Viddsee YouTube channel, and more. Films curated by us will be amongst other award-winning festival films showcased across our video & editorial platforms.

Our platform works uniquely from user-generated content platforms in a way that allows various opportunities for filmmakers like yourself as we prioritise growing our audience base - with 3 million monthly active users engaging with the short film content on our platform at this moment. Because of this exposure, some filmmakers whose film performed so well are approached by creative companies and agencies in sponsoring their making of their next films.

Additionally, all filmmakers stand a chance of winning the next Viddsee Shortee Award when your film goes up on Viddsee - celebrating the most watched, shared and talked about film on Viddsee every month.

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